Christmas Wish Lists, Then & Now: Louise

Dear Santa, in 2016 I would absolutely love…

Marble nesting tables Oliver Bonas helsinki

1. A city break or experience, something to look forward.

2. Marble nesting tables from Oliver Bonas, new bedside tables for the loft.

3. A pretty chain with ‘A’ and ‘I’ initial pendants, the names of my babies


connect 4Casio Keyboard

Back when I was 7 years old, I wanted…

1. Roller skates wanted for no other reason that everyone who was cool had a pair.  Kind of wasted on me as I was fat and red faced and not every cool at all, more time spend grabbing the wall than gliding effortlessly backwards.

2. Casio Keyboard blame Top of the Pops and Tandy in Kilburn High Road, Maplin of the 1980’s, for all the most annoying battery operated and electrical toys you don’t need.

3. Board games – Connect 4, Guess Who, Perfection…we got them every single year and never ever got tired of them.

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