Kid Inventors’ Day

Do you ever ponder the origins of some of the products we use every day? What do trampolines, earmuffs and water skiing have in common? Yes, they were all invented by children!

Kids are known for their active imaginations and enthusiasm for all things exciting. Putting the mere inside-the-box-thinking-adults to shame, here is a list of just four products that have all been invented by children.


In 1905, at the ripe old age of 11, Frank Epperson mixed soda water powder and water in a glass, stirring it with a stick. After leaving it a while, the chilly San Francisco temperature transformed it into a frozen concoction – stick sitting proudly in the glass.

Years passed and in 1923 he added fruity flavours to the mix and patented the creation, giving us the deliciously refreshing popsicle.



Inspired by trapeze artists at the circus, 16-year-old gymnast, George Nissen, had the brainwave of putting together a steel frame and canvas sheet. He perfected the design over the years and, after touring in a travelling acrobatic act in Mexico, he trademarked his design – the Trampoline.



After losing his sight at age five, Louis Braille was frustrated with the lack of resources for those with impaired vision at his school. He was inspired by a system used in the French army as a means of transferring messages using a worded code that could not be written on paper. Using his father’s tools, he created an alphabet made entirely of six dots that were quickly readable, with ‘Braille’ established less than 10 years later.



To combat the freezing winter when ice skating, 15-year-old Chester Greenwood shaped two loops from wire and asked his grandmother to sew fur around them. And ‘earmuffs’ were born. After getting it patented, his creation flourished when he supplied them to soldier during World War I.

It’s no surprise that his hometown of Farmington, Maine has been deemed the Earmuff Capital of the World.


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