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Knick-knacks, essentials but most definitely not clutter. Like many of you, we at License to PR love a quirky and Instagram-worthy purchase for our office. Over the years (10, to be exact!) our Director Lou has built up quite the collection of wacky and wonderful products, some of which are still sitting proudly on our desks.

If you’re struggling with gift-spiration for an upcoming birthday, then fear no more! This list will have you whipping out your debit card in excitement.

Circa 2010

Homeopathic medicine

Feeling run down? Coming down with a cold? There’s a homeopathic cure for that. For all our alternative medicinal needs, Lou has got us covered. We don’t know where we’d be without the smelling potions!

Woolly office cardigan

Winter can be a pretty bleak time, especially when sitting stationary at a desk and with a defective heater keeping you company. The anniversary of our woolly office cardigan is fast approaching, and we can’t thank it enough. It’s a big bundle of comfort and we reach for it at the slightest hint of a chill. Thank you, big woolly cardi.


Circa 2014

Laptop trays

A sensible one, but memorable and useful nonetheless, our laptops sit pretty on very fetching pink laptop trays. Gently rising our screens and matching our colourful personalities, we’re very thankful for this purchase.

laptop trays - blog

Personalised mugs

What office is complete without personalised mugs? Considering the number of cups of tea this agency vanquishes, it seems only fitting that we do so in style.

personalised mugs - blog

Circa 2016/17

Microwaveable egg poachers

We love to eat, we love to talk about what we have eaten, and Lou loves B&M. Last year we were lucky enough to all receive our own plastic egg poacher (you’ve got to love these modern inventions), courtesy of B&M’s homeware department. Forget travelling to the inner depths of Shoreditch for your mid-morning eggs benedict, this DIY poacher has got you covered. NB scandal struck in Autumn 2016 when one poacher was reported missing. Fortunately, it was found unscathed among a mountain of Tupperware.

egg poacher

Stretching band

Tired arms and sore backs. Just a couple of the aches and pains we experience. The addition of a stretching exercise band to our office last summer was much needed. We’ve never been so supple!

stretching band

Hot water bottles

The latest purchase to grace the office has been very warmly received, so to speak. Providing us with a heated hug, these colourful water bottles are our best friends this January.

hot water bottles - blog

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