Valentine’s Day: Cute Cartoon Couples

Lost in search of love? Victim of Valentine’s Day disappointment? Forever idolising the relationship between Micky & Minnie? The fateful day is with us once more and forgive us for feeling anything but heart-eyed.

Endless pressure is put on finding the most perfect romantic restaurant, or the best Groupon spa break for two – we’re sure Snow White and Prince Charming never had this much drama. Well, you know what we mean.

To distract us all from the impending heart emojis cluttering our Twitter feeds, we have attributed romance to the following six couples. All cartoons and all practically perfect in their own way.

heart emojiheart emojiheart emoji

1. Woody & Little Bo Peep

Everyone’s favourite cowboy and ultimate girl next door (girl-across-the-shelf) really do         seem the perfect couple. Granted, they do have their own problems, most notably the               prospect of being thrown in the garbage. However, does this stop the plastic fantastic               couple from giving up? No (well, unless you’ve seen Toy Story 3).woody & bo peep

2. Fred & Wilma Flintstone

Far from the modern problems couples face today, whether that be Tinder being just a           download away or Becky with the good hair sliding into your DMs, Fred and Wilma                 Flintstone have kept their love rock solid. The danger of dinosaur attacks did not phase them, their relationship has stood the test of time.

fred & wilma 2

3. Peter Pan & Wendy Darling

Not wholly romantic per se, but Peter Pan and Wendy sure did have a strong connection.     Both appealing to something the other does not have, this was destined to be a tear jerker.     It’s not always easy to change a man, Wendy.

peter pan & wendy

4. Homer & Marge Simpson

Far from the perfection Disney has created but a reachable relationship nonetheless. For some reason, Homer and Marge Simpson just seem to make it work. Her with the patience of a saint and him with a gentle heart, we could learn a lot from Springfield’s most notable residents.homer & marge







5. Daddy Pig & Mummy Pig

We aren’t afraid to admit it; Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig really are #relationshipgoals. She      balances out the zaniness of Daddy Pig and he offers constant support and belly laughs to      the whole family. Farmyard animals or not, these two are the envy of our office.mummy & daddy pig

6. Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Completing our list is the couple who embody cartoon marriage goals. This year marks           Mickey and Minnies’s 89th anniversary together. Just what is their secret? Is it free rides         at Disney Land, an array of cute merchandise or the fact that their voice actors married         one another in real life? Seriously, this happened. Until the voice of Mickey died in 2009.     Somebody pass the Kleenex.

mickey & minnie

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