National Cupcake Week

If you’re foodies like us then you sure don’t need any excuse to eat cake, but hey we’ll still take it! Last week was National Cupcake Week and so to honour the wonderful week, we thought it would be a delicious idea to compile a selection of the best kids themed cupcakes on the internet. These are a collection of some of the brands which we are currently working on.

Just in case you were not already hungry…

Peppa Pig


Credit: Pintrest                                                    Credit: Pintrest

PJ Masks


Credit: Pintrest                                                        Credit: Pintrest

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom


Credit: Pintrest                                                        Credit: Pintrest

The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Credit: Pintrest                                                       Credit: Pintrest

Power Rangers


Credit: Pintrest                                                        Credit: Pintrest

Powerpuff Girls


Credit: Pintrest                                             Credit: Pintrest

Cupcake 4.0

Whilst it’s not quite a cupcake, only a little (or rather a lot) larger, we couldn’t not feature this masterpiece. A baker mummy made a Peppa Pig cake that was larger than her 4-year-old daughter! It could have fed 700 people, contained 133,000 calories and took her 4 days to bake!

Read more here:

And last but not least…

Check out License to PR’s very own Peppa cake made by Louise!



Maybe this have given you some inspiration to make your own kids fun-themed cupcakes – we’d definitely love to see them! You could even use the Peppa Pig muddy puddle cake mix for those little Peppa fans of yours!

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