My First Time at Brand Licensing Europe


Following a Busy, Lengthy but Exciting build-up in the License to PR office which started in July, last week I finally got to experience BLE for the first time. Whilst I was aware to some extent what BLE would be like, I was not to fully comprehend the sheer size and scale of the event, until arriving at Olympia exhibition centre, on the first day.

Behind the scenes at License to PR – the lead-up

To help our clients through the crazy few days of BLE, we once again put together survival kits. Whilst they were not quite your conventional survival kits, we hoped that all the little goodies would come in handy.

Inside was Berocca, Paracetamol, Rescue Remedy, a comb, chocolate and sweets (of course the best and most essential of all), Vaseline and hand sanitiser.


The main event

From the moment I walked through the door, I was immersed in the whole Bustle, Liveliness and Enthusiasm of BLE. Welcomed by colours galore, the venue was filled with licensed brands ranging from children’s entertainment brands (including many of our clients) to museums and even football clubs. It’s amazing that everything and anything can be licensed!

Here’s a glimpse at what I saw and some of the stands of companies we represented at the show…

Cartoon Network:




Entertainment One:



Warner Brothers:


Imperial War Museums:


The highlight

The highlight for me was definitely the character parade on the first day. It created a Buzzy, Larger-than-life and Electric atmosphere which remained throughout the event.

The question is, can you spot your favourite?

The future

Whilst I was at BLE I also seized the opportunity to learn a little more about licensing and gain an insight to the future of licensing from some industry experts. At a key note panel which I attended, chaired by Steven Ekstract, Group Publisher of License Global, a fact that I found particularly noteworthy came from one of the panellists, Eric Karp, Head of Licensing at Buzzfeed. He informed the audience that Buzzfeed’s Tasty channel, which regularly publishes quick and fun cooking tutorials (of which I am a huge fan), has a reach of 76% of Facebook users! I came away from this interesting keynote panel with a recognition that the future of licensing is looking very digitalised indeed!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insider to the world of BLE!

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