A very classic ‘Snow Day’ go-to guide

  1. Build a snowman

My brother and I always used to get extremely excited at the chance to get out in the snow and build a snowman of our own. But whilst our eagerness was high to begin, it quickly plummeted as our fingers and toes started to freeze. So, we would sweet talk mum and dad to come to the rescue (much to their delight of course…) and then watch from the window as they finished off Mr Snow, complete with a carrot for his nose.

  1. Sledging

If you’re lucky enough to live near a big hill and have a toy sledge, or even a handmade sledge (for the crafty ones among us) then this is a must do on a snow day. Sledge racing can provide endless fun!

  1. Create a snow-angel

Just before running indoors to that lovely little thing called central heating, there’s always time to get down and stuck into the snow. Wave your arms and legs to form a snow-angel, it sure looks pretty.

  1. Christmas film

Everyone has their own favourite Christmas film and boy are there plenty of great ones to choose from! For me it is definitely a close call between The Holiday and Love Actually, but I am also a sucker for Miracle on 34th Street, a child top choice of mine. What’s your annual go-to Christmas film?


  1. Winter warmers

Hot chocolate and mulled wine are the festive drinks which are essential on a cold snow day and a great accompaniment to your favourite Christmas film. Cafés are really embracing those Christmassy flavours at the moment, I’ve come across a variety ranging from salted caramel to chocolate orange and even cinnamon spiced infused. (Don’t forget the whipped cream and marshmallows!)

  1. The Christmas Jumper

Stay wrapped up warm in what is for sure a staple wardrobe item. If you haven’t got one yet this year, perhaps I can inspire you to get your hands on a Trolls or Peppa Pig one in time for National Christmas Jumper Day this Friday 15th!



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