Thank God I have a Kindle…

Never have I been so excited about a book yet so terrified of reading it.

Fifty Shades of Grey (yep, I said it) is the romantic yet strictly erotic novel that everyone is whispering about.

I luckily came across a free copy at this year’s London Book Fair (yes, really). Typically they had fine cut, topless men handing the book out to googly-eyed professional ladies… and they knew exactly what they were doing. Yes, these ladies accepted the freebie (I LOVE freebies!), took it away, casually browsed through it and within minutes POW they were possessed by all things naughty.

After flicking through a few pages in the office (and having several hot flushes) I decided to join the old zeitgeist and see what the ‘hoo-ha’ (…excuse the pun) was all about. However, petrified to be caught perusing through my copy on the tube or at my in-laws, I decided to download the eBook version so that I can read the filth in secret.

This fantastic idea of mine has unfortunately turned me into some sort of ‘tube book inspector’. I am now obsessed with inspecting everyone’s books on the tubes just to see who has the GUTS to openly read the book in public. No one yet…

So, has eBooks made it easier for people to read the dirty? Sales of eBooks must have gone through the roof, helping people out of the embarrassment of reading provocative content in public.

I do wonder, now this new book is so popular, if erotica will ever become cool and acceptable to read? Maybe that’s my next blog entry…let me finish the book first – in private of course.

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2 Responses to Thank God I have a Kindle…

  1. My dad just asked me if I bought ’50 Shades of Grey’ on his Amazon account…. Ummm pls don’t tell me he knows what it is yikes

  2. Michelle says:

    I did wonder if anyone would be brave enough to read this on public transport, but it appears nobody is. It’s a shame, because I think there’d be potential for an interesting photo blog of people snapped reading it (for the expressions on their faces alone!)

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