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As the movers and shakers of the toy industry are currently in the midst of Toy Fair season, news broke this week that the toy industry grew 6% in 2015 and generated a whopping £3.2 billion in sales last year; the industry’s strongest performance for five years.  This comes as no surprise to our household given the epic Christmas list we have just had to work through for our kids!

Top of the list this year, and winner of the Prestigious Toy of the Year Award at London Toy Fair 2016, was Pie Face from Hasbro.  I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a child over 5 in the country who didn’t want this messy game of chance under their Christmas tree and I think it secretly appealed to the inner child in all of us!  Any friends who dared to visit our house over the festive season for a glass of mulled wine got more than they bargained for and very few visitors left without the remnants of squirty cream on their faces.  I was lucky enough to escape unscathed by tactically nominating myself as the person in charge of refilling the cream.  Eventually, and like most toys in our house, the novelty of Pie Face soon wore off and it has been quietly packed away… hopefully until next year!

But just when I thought we were out of the realms of the fun and slightly humiliating board game… along comes another!  Hot on the heels of Pie Face is Wet Head from Zing’s Toys which launches in the UK this spring.  This new game has a very similar aim to Pie Face only this time, the player wears a hat full of water and has to answer questions correctly to avoid getting soaked.  I think this will be good clean fun for the summer months and another game to join the future ranks of nostalgic toys for a generation of kids today who will probably look back fondly at these games in the same way we reminisce about Mr Frosty and The Big Yellow Teapot!

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