The BFG Makes His Return

A great shadow is looming overhead and it can only mean one thing, the most enchanting spectacle of the summer is almost upon us!

The BFG stomps his way into cinemas this Friday, 22nd July, with Steven Spielberg bringing us his reimagined tale of the original Roald Dahl classic.

The feature already has the critics singing and last week saw its beautiful London premier. Spielberg himself, Rebecca Hall and Mary Berry were among the flock of stars who graced the green garden carpet, which was installed with trees, a waterfall bridge and fantastical objects.








Promotion for the film has taken strides all across the country, with the launch of The BFG Dream Jar Trail earlier this month – Dream Jars are where The BFG collects all his really nice dreams. Lots of celebrity dreamers have gotten involved, each one with their own Dream Jar. Most are in London, but the trail stretches as far as Birmingham, Cardiff, Cheshire and Glasgow!

Golfing champion Justin Rose's Dream Jar tees off by Tower Bridge!

Internet icon Zoella's Dream Jar is a cute hedgehog!










Many budding dreamers have already made their very own Dream Jars, and we are so envious of their artistic flair! Thankfully The Daily Telegraph has created a step-by-step guide to create the most magical Dream Jars at home.

We have included the guide below for all you budding dreamers. This is definitely our weekend activity sorted!

Let's get dreaming!




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  1. Kypho says:

    Because the movie had Spielberg’s name attached to the project, I think people were expected to be “blown away” by the movie. To me, I actually liked it. Rylance was excellent as The BFG and so was Barnhill as Sophie. The visuals were impressive and the other giants look great (at least they look like more human-like than the cartoon version). All in all, while not as dark as Dahl’s other adaptations, The BFG was entertaining to watch.

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