Christmas Wish Lists, Then & Now: Louise

Dear Santa, in 2016 I would absolutely love…

Marble nesting tables Oliver Bonas helsinki

1. A city break or experience, something to look forward.

2. Marble nesting tables from Oliver Bonas, new bedside tables for the loft.

3. A pretty chain with ‘A’ and ‘I’ initial pendants, the names of my babies


connect 4Casio Keyboard

Back when I was 7 years old, I wanted…

1. Roller skates wanted for no other reason that everyone who was cool had a pair.  Kind of wasted on me as I was fat and red faced and not every cool at all, more time spend grabbing the wall than gliding effortlessly backwards.

2. Casio Keyboard blame Top of the Pops and Tandy in Kilburn High Road, Maplin of the 1980’s, for all the most annoying battery operated and electrical toys you don’t need.

3. Board games – Connect 4, Guess Who, Perfection…we got them every single year and never ever got tired of them.

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Christmas Wish Lists, Then & Now: Diana

Dear Santa, in 2016 I would absolutely love…

Alexandra Schulman's Vogue diary Inside Vogue dyson hairdryer

1. The £300 Dyson hairdryer- I am a total sucker for an overpriced hair & beauty gimic but honestly, price tag aside, who could resist the wow factor of this futuristic looking appliance and its promise of endlessly shiny hair??

2. Alexandra Schulman’s Vogue diary Inside Vogue: A Diary of My 100th year- I’ve heard an anecdote from the book about Naomi Campbell’s outrageous diva demands and I must have more!

 3. Two weeks of peace and quiet!


Back when I was 7 years old, I wanted…

Calligraphy pen set Raleigh apple bike the game of life

1. The Game of Life board game – literally the best board game in the world. Because it was the 80s and greed was in vogue,  the aim of the game was to clock up as much money and ‘status symbol’ possessions as possible but my sister and I changed the rules so that the one with the most babies in the car by the end was the winner!

 2. Raleigh apple bike – I’m not exactly sure if I was 7 when I got this bike for Xmas but it was bright red and my first proper bike.  Plus it had an awesome shopping basket at the back- what more could a girl want?

 3. Calligraphy pen set – yes very geeky but I was obsessed with handwriting and was the proud owner of a variety of different sized nibs, coloured inks and, at one point, even a feathered quill. I think I would have been quite at home in an earlier century.

di christmas

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Meet Us Mondays: Charlotte

Charlotte Meet Us Mondays

1. My License to PR highlight is… a double page feature in the Daily Mirror with Harley Bird (voice of Peppa Pig)

2. If I had it superpower, it would be… the ability to teleport so I could travel anywhere in the world on a whim. Would also let me avoid the crazy London rush hour!

 3. A cuisine I would like to conquer is... great veggie Thai food. Pad Thai, curries, stir fries mmm

 4. My favourite toy growing up was… a Playmobil toy ambulance

Playmobil ambulance

 5. If my life were a film, the cartoon character to play me would be… not a cartoon character but Lou’s nickname for me is Matilda. I don’t quite have the magic powers but I was a book worm as a kid and rocked the very same hair style for a number of years…

Charlotte PortraitMatilda

 6. If I were an emoji, I would be the… I think we all want to be having as much fun as the dancing girl



1. iPhone or Android? iPhone

2. Savoury or Sweet? This all depends on my mood but at the moment I’m all about the sweet. Dark chocolate, popcorn and of course mince pies

3. The Great British Bake Off or The X Factor? Bake Off of course, what’s not to love?! Just an hour of pure joy. Interested to see how the C4 version works out…

4. Favourite celebrity beef? T-Swizzle vs anybody and everybody.

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Sugar, Spice and Everything PR

Following the hugely successful reboot of The Powerpuff Girls franchise earlier this year, the much loved brand has blasted its way to New York City, and today opens its doors to its very own pop-up store for a three day only event. The store celebrates its latest initiative, Powerpuff Yourself.

You may remember the quirky Powerpuff Avatar creations earlier this year, now a heap of new features are available for fans to help Powerpuff themselves into the world’s cutest crime-fighting superheros!

The LtoPR team of course had to get involved with this, in all our crceative flair. Check us out below!

PPG Group

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Meet Us Mondays: Louise

Meet Us Mondays - Lou28092016

1. My License to PR highlight is… probably starting the company back in 2007 with Warner Bros. Consumer Products as our founding client.  There was also a very funny fainting incident involving Wonder Woman, designer Diane Von Furstenberg and our Di but I’d have to kill you if I told you 🙂

2. If I had it superpower, it would be… the ability to create time or just slow things down a bit.  There are never enough hours in the day and life seems to be passing by far too quickly.

3. A cuisine I would like to conquer is… authentic vegetarian Indian.  Thali, dosas, curries, all those lovely little starters and breads, coconut chutney, lime pickle…

4. My favourite toy growing up was… the Big Yellow Tea Pot and my Fisher Price Record Player.  My godmother once sent me a Bluebird A La Carte Kitchen in the post, it was a very good day!

5. If my life were a film, the cartoon character to play me would be… Wilma Flintstone. Pragmatic, strong willed, patient, loyal friend, career in media – I even have my very own Pebbles.

6. If I were an emoji, I would be the… flamenco dancer, she looks like she’s having a good time doesn’t she.   That said, I’ve just checked my phone and my most used emoji is the grimacing face




1. iPhone or Android? iPhone, loving the iOS 10 Photos app and how it makes little movies out of your memories.

2. Savoury or Sweet? Is saying both a cop out?  Death row meal would be chips and red wine.  Don’t let anyone tell ypu I’m anything but classy.

3. The Great British Bake Off or The X Factor? Bake Off but I do have a soft spot for Dermot O’Leary and why isn’t Strictly on the list?

4. Favourite celebrity beef? Anything involving devil in sheep’s clothing Taylor Swift and I also wouldn’t mind knowing the inside scoop on Brangelina and what happened on that plane!

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My First BLE Experience



I’m standing by myself in Olympia London, faces are blurred, my arms tired from what appear to be several License! Global magazines I am carrying. Is that a mirage up ahead, or is a 6ft Peppa Pig bouncing towards me? Three years of university education and four months working at License to PR have built up to this point. Do I check the magazines for client coverage, rush to our 1pm meeting or do I wave at Peppa? I panic; I wave. She waves back. I get a selfie. I will be late to the meeting but wow, it’s such a great shot. This will look great on Instagram.

It is Friday, 14 October and I have survived my first ever BLE. Months of preparation, including meetings, drafting press releases, redrafting them and updating our incredibly hectic schedule have all paid off. One of the biggest licensing trade shows in the world is over for another year.

BLE Sony


It was a whirlwind of an experience and I have never felt more engaged in the licensing industry. Here are my three BLE highlights:

Sony Pictures Presentation. Being a huge film buff and an avid re-watcher of movie trailers, listening to such esteemed speakers highlight what we can expect from Sony Pictures in the coming year was hugely exciting.

Character Parade. As someone who well and truly tries to embody the phrase #DoItForThe Gram, attending an event where there are dozens of costume characters roaming the show, actively encouraging photo opportunities was terribly exciting. To say I was a little star struck to meet a few is, of course, an understatement. Having that many characters under one roof provided a huge amount of fun and is definitely one of the most engaging aspects of BLE.

#RocketChallenge. Ahead of the release of EmojiMovie: Express Yourself, 2016 played to the plugged in, millennial demographic and visitors were asked to tweet their day in emojis. These were grouped together with the #RocketChallenge hashtag and were featured live on their mood board at their stand. You can check out our tweet below:

BLE Tweet




BLE SimpsonsBLE PPGBLE Barbie









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Meet Us Mondays: Samuel

MUM Sam 3








1. My License to PR highlight is… securing a Daddy Pig interview in The Mirror in my first month on the job

DP MIrror








2. If I had it superpower, it would be… the ability to time travel. I would definitely erase some awkward memories.

3. A cuisine I would like to conquer is… the ultimate Mexican feast – one that would rival Old El Paso.

4. My favourite toy growing up was… my Duplo set. The only things I ever created were Chester Zoo and the Tyne Tunnel. Simpler times.

5. If my life were a film, the cartoon character to play me would be… Woody from Toy Story. I’m not as brave and noble as he is, but he was an icon of my childhood.









6. If I were an emoji, I would be the… side eye emoji – we look alarmingly similar.

side eye 2







  1. iPhone or Android? iPhone, obvs.
  2. Savoury or Sweet? Definitely sweet.
  3. The Great British Bake Off or The X Factor? Probably The X Factor, even though I spend the whole episode complaining about it. Can I choose Home and Away instead?
  4. Favourite celebrity beef? Taylor Vs Kimye! My Twitter feed provided so many shocking moments. I’ve never been the same since.
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Chew on it Tuesdays

Logo Feeding BoysThis week we’re exploring the kitchen of Whitley Bay based freelance food writer and blogger Katie Bryson, also known as Feeding Boys.

Being a mum to two young boys, Katie is a champion of perfecting no frills dishes that can be rustled up in a matter of minutes, all the while still tasting (and looking!) absolutely delicious. She says planning in advance what her family are going to eat every week is a must, and tries to get her boys helping out with the cooking as much as possible.

We love Katie’s vibrant and quirky take on packed lunches – they put our boring ham sandwiches to shame!

FB 1


How Do You Keep Your Lunchboxes Interesting? – Click Me!



FB 2


Easy Kids Lunch: Savoury Croissants – Click Me!




  • As well as mouth-watering recipes, also gives you an insight into some of Katie’s kitchen must haves:
  • “Black bananas – don’t chuck ’em out… make them into yummy cakes for packed lunches”
  • “Corn flakes – I’m hardly every organised enough to make my own breadcrumbs so I usually reach for a handful of these instead. They make great coatings for home-made chicken goujons, mix them with pesto for a herby crust for a fillet of salmon, or mix them with grated cheese to top off a pasta bake.”
  • “AEG coffee machine – without this nothing would get done.”


In My Kitchen

Ever wanted to see a behind the scenes look at the kitchen of a food blogger? Take a peak below!

FB 3











LtoPR’s Top Picks

We’ve narrowed down Katie’s hugely appetising food catalogue and narrowed it down to our favourite three. Check them out below!

Pumpkin, Ginger & Orange Traybake:

fb 4








Halloumi & Three Bean Tacos with Red ‘Slaw:

fb 5






Courgette Fritters with Poached Eggs:

fb 6


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Working in the communications industry means you must have a keen eye for a good story, the ability to ask all the hard hitting questions and possess an inquisitive nature that will help gather a tonne of information. Basically, we’re all just a bit nosy. A lot, actually.

Aside from executing incredibly effective PR campaigns and gaining enormous amounts of coverage for our clients, the License to PR team loves nothing more than a good gossip about all things celebrity. “Did you see so and so’s risqué Instagram post last night?” “Can you believe she tweeted that about her ex?” – you get the idea.

With the concept of TMI being, like, so outdated, we will be giving you lucky readers an insight into the (not so interesting) minds of the License to PR team. Meet Us Mondays will introduce you to one member of our team, every Monday!

* * *

First up is our lovely Director, Diana!

Di Team Qs










1. My License to PR highlight is… My 6 page Daddy Pig spread in Esquire magazine

DP Esquire






2. If I had it superpower, it would be… the ability to speak and understand any         language

3. A cuisine I would like to conquer is… crispy belly pork- as good as my mum’s

4. My favourite toy growing up was… Tenderheart Bear- the brown Care Bear. Literally the most exciting thing I ever opened on Christmas day I wanted it so much. #CareBearStare









5. If my life were a film, the cartoon character to play me would be… Daria from the 90’s MTV animated series








6. If I were an emoji, I would be the… gritted teeth emoji

Gritted Teeth Emoji






  1. iPhone or Android? iPhone of course
  2. Savoury or Sweet? Sweet, preferably pick n mix with old school artificial flavours
  3. The Great British Bake Off or The X Factor? Bake off, at a push, but Gardeners’ World is better than both of them!
  4. Favourite celebrity beef? Classic- Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Bette famously once said she wouldn’t piss on Joan Crawford if she was on fire. And this was before twitter, Instagram and E! Entertainment.
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Chew on it Tuesdays

Here at License to PR we love all things food. Barely a day goes by when we aren’t discussing our latest culinary antics – whether it be a tasty triumph or an epic failure – or passing comments on the most recent concoctions from the world of The Great British Bake Off. We also love bloggers. Their zest for all things creative and super envious weekend activities really do put us to shame!

This is where Chew On It Tuesdays comes in to play! Every Tuesday we will be showcasing one parenting Blogger who is renowned for their foodie delights in the kitchen, and highlighting a few of our absolute favourite recipes they have mastered.

Cue an endless array of mouth-watering desserts, simple and delicious ideas for tea time and the occasional DIY mock-tail thrown in for good measure. Hello, Tuesday? Gluttony has come calling!


This week we’re delving into the culinary mind of 2011 The Great British Bake Off runner up, Holly Bell! She blogs over at Recipes From a Normal Mum and is mum to three young boys.

East Midlands native Holly specialises in a whole host of recipes, and counts making puff pastry as one of her favourite kitchen creations. Aside from her hugely successful Bake Off stint, Holly has partnered with Sainsbury’s in a whole host of videos for their official YouTube channel, as well as featuring in numerous segments for ITV’s This Morning.

Absolutely all of Holly’s recipes look and sound delicious, but below we’ve highlighted three of our favourites:

Bramley Apple & Gruyere Soda Bread Rolls – Click me!

Eton Mess Butterfly Cupcakes – Click me!

Lamb, Pea and Mint Pie with Rough Puff Pastry – Click me!


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